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Don't take our word for it.

What people say about working with us.

Look, we get it. You're searching for someone to come on board and help you make those big creative decisions, to give you and your organisation a voice.

You think it might be us, but you only get one shot at this. How can you tell it's worth getting in touch?

Well, we think we're pretty hot. But we would say that, wouldn't we?


“A Studio of Our Own approached our project from an entirely different perspective; they put our employees at the heart of the strategy.

Our internal teams and structures have always been focussed on execution, and this new, human-centric approach makes perfect sense for what we want to achieve. 


Rather than thinking about communication at the end of the project, they provided strategic planning from the start. Thinking about ways to engage the end user meant that we could look at all our decisions through that lens, making the operating model simpler to understand and easier to use.”

David Downs
Chief Information Transformation Officer


“Working with A Studio of Our Own has been an absolute dream. They put their everything into whatever project they take on, and the work they have produced for Bloody Good Period has been exceptional.

Small enough to collaborate effectively, but with all the experience and talent of a huge team.

And for a small team, they make BIG things happen, in a smooth, beautiful, and exciting way. Bloody Funny's success was entirely down to the team's incredible work, from their forensic event organisation skills to their on-point graphics and media knowledge. Moreover, working with them is fun, and easy. I cannot rave loudly enough about working with them.”

Gabby Edlin
Bloody Good Period


“Tom and Ginnie could not have been more helpful. They quickly understood what we were going for and with their expertise we were able to do much more than we could have hoped to have achieved ourselves

They helped us with ideas for strap lines and added punch to our stories and worked tirelessly to ensure we were happy with the result. 


We were left with an exciting and vibrant new look charity newsletter that has seen us receive the most donations after mailing it out, ever! It has given Dan’s Fund For Burns, an adult burns charity, the re-fresh we were looking for, to more accurately represent the incredible work the charity is doing with all the funds raised from our generous donors and supporters.”

Polly Brooks
Dan's Fund For Burns


“A Studio of Our Own ‘got us’ from the very first time we met. The project has been a truly collaborative process and we’re absolutely delighted with the results.

We were looking for an agency that could not only deliver a fresh—and relevant—look for Inzito, but one that also understood the way we worked and why we were different. From the offset, the team at Studio demonstrated they were more than qualified to do both.”

Chris Donkin
Head of Industrial and Technology Practice



The solution that A Studio of Our Own delivered fits the bill perfectly, working across all of the applications we need and allowing different teams to adapt the identity to suit their own needs.


We needed an identity that was flexible enough to represent the broad range of skills and expertise of the team, but maintain a sense of unity and connection to the core RB brand. This is an identity that we were able to build into the fabric of the space—on our walls and the interior design of the office—as well as the digital assets that shape our communications.”

Ilhan Cosgun
Group IT Director — Strategy

Reckitt Benckiser


Their creativity, outstanding writing skills and highly effective management style have resulted in the delivery of a series of successful campaigns.”

Guido Fett
Director, Strategic Projects



“It has been a joy to work with A Studio of Our Own. Their response to our brief was creative, original, spot-on and we were delighted with the results. The whole process was smooth, efficient and a lot of fun.”

John Jencks

Film Director
Founder of The Uncertain Kingdom


“A Studio of Our Own are a delight to work with. They put heart and soul into every aspect of their work and constantly over-deliver.


Their breadth of experience means they can take a project from just a concept and turn it into a professionally produced and creative piece of work that gets results. They’re the dream!”

Verity MacDonald

Troffle Chocolates

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