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SAP: The Inside Track

SAP, one of the world’s largest software providers, has a lot to say. When we won a competitive pitch to deliver communications to SAP's network of Sales Partners, that was the first problem we needed to solve. Important information was often lost among the huge quantity of news being shared through multiple internal channels.

The Inside Track – a quarterly, design-led e-zine – was the solution to getting the most relevant information to sales teams and Partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa. The magazine aggregates content from a variety of SAP sources into one, giving time-poor Sales Partners a single, easy-to-read update. 

The content is re-purposed for use across SAP’s social channels, using a mix of static, motion-based and audio content to maintain interest.






“Ginnie and the team developed a series of new, high-impact business initiatives that helped us to gain a stand-out share of voice within SAP. Their creativity, outstanding writing skills and highly effective management style resulted in the delivery of a series of successful campaigns.”

Guido Fett

Director, Strategic Projects, SAP

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