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RB Global Hub







Silver in Branding 2020

Based in Hyderabad, the RB Global Hub team are responsible for the delivery of IT solutions to Reckitt Benckiser offices around the world, providing online solutions for brands as diverse as Dettol, Durex, Nurofen, Clearasil and Gaviscon.

As the team moved into new offices, we were asked to develop a new visual language to give both the workspace and the team a new sense of identity; a unique voice with which to communicate with RB brands worldwide. 

Our icons work within the broader Reckitt Benckiser Brand Guidelines as a mosaic of the values that the team embody. From agility to innovation, focus to insight, the icons can be combined, rearranged, scaled and animated to adapt seamlessly across a wide variety of applications.

“This is an identity that we were able to build into the fabric of the space—on our walls and the interior design of the office—as well as the digital assets that shape our communications.”

Ilhan Cosgun

Global IT Director — Strategy
Reckitt Benckiser

“The graphics for the Global Hub work in harmony with our existing brand, while giving the team in Hyderabad their own visual language to express themselves and communicate with the rest of the business.”

Rama Donepudi

Global Hub Leader
Reckitt Benckiser

We needed an identity that was flexible enough to represent the broad range of skills and expertise of the team, but maintain a sense of unity and connection to the core RB brand. The solution that A Studio of Our Own delivered fits the bill perfectly, working across all of the applications we need and allowing different teams to adapt the identity to suit their own needs.”

Ilhan Cosgun
Group IT Director — Strategy
Reckitt Benckiser

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