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BOCA Empanadas

We struck up a friendship with Will, the founder of BOCA, while we shared office space in 2016. Once we had got to know him, he approached us to discuss how we could support his café, and help to get the message out about his delicious Argentinian-inspired food.


Having spent time with Will and discussed his vision, we felt that something could be done to help bring the vibrance and energy of Argentinian culture to life. Once inside the BOCA café on Middlesex Street, the food looks gorgeous, but without great photography, this message wasn't easy for Will to communicate. We enlisted the help of our friend, photographer Saul Perryman and, despite a limited budget, put together a mouthwatering suite of photographs that convey the colours, the textures and the flavours that make a visit to BOCA so exciting. 

Will is already putting the photos to great use, using them across social media to attract customers, and they will have a leading role in the forthcoming BOCA website revamp.



Art Direction & Styling


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