Gold in Branding for Social Change 2020

Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020

Gold in Promotional materials for
Social Change 2020

Silver in Logos 2020

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Silver in Branding 2020

Silver in Logos for Social Change 2020

Silver in Promotional Materials 2020

Bloody Funny is the biggest event in Bloody Good Period's fundraising calendar, featuring some of the biggest names on the UK comedy scene uniting to raise money to fight period poverty.


Bloody Good Period refuses to shy away from imagery and messages that others may consider taboo. Periods should not be associated with shame or embarrassment, and as an agency that strives to approach all projects with a sense of honesty and bravery, we felt compelled to meet this challenge head-on. Our immediate reaction to the brief was to find a way to graphically embrace and celebrate periods in all their messy, human, biological (and gory) glory.


The event logo is based on smears of blood, which works in parallel with Bloody Good Period’s core logo, in the shape of a menstrual pad. To complement this, we developed a lo-res, deliberately cut-and-paste approach to typography in reference to the campaign’s activist credentials. This approach was extended to the treatment of photography for the comedians, reproduced in halftone patterns over bespoke painted gloopy, blood-drenched backgrounds.


The event raised in excess of £15,000, more than ten times what previous comedy fundraisers had achieved for the charity and enough to fund around 1,500 periods for refugees and asylum seekers at Bloody Good Period drop-in centres across the UK.

Bloody Funny





Event Design



“Some of the best female stand-ups in the biz gather at the Union Chapel in Islington for a night of 'menstrual-centred comedy' for Bloody Good Period.”


Live weekly comedy round-up


“Bloody Funny promises to be a 'leak out loud' night but the focus remains on helping people. Attendees are encouraged to bring their pals for laughs and their pads for collection, while taking home the message that access to menstrual supplies 'should be a basic human right'.”

Evening Standard

Photography: Bronac McNeill Photography

"I cannot rave loudly enough about working with ASOOO. For such a small team, they make BIG things happen, in a smooth, beautiful, and exciting way. Bloody Funny's success was entirely down to the team's incredible work, from their forensic event organisation skills to their on-point graphics and media knowledge. Moreover, working with them is fun, and easy."

Gabby Edlin

Founder and CEO, Bloody Good Period

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