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© 2020 A Studio of Our Own | Registered in the UK No. 10263185 | 73a Beak Street, London W1F 9SR

We are an accredited London Living Wage Employer

Reckitt Benckiser: Global Hub

Branding/Identity   Communications   Digital Content Production   

SAP: Fresh Faces

Strategy   Film Design & Production   Web Design   Communications   

Digital Content Production   

COMING SOON: The Uncertain Kingdom

Bloody Good Period: Bloody Funny

Branding/Identity   Strategy   Fundraising   PR & Social   Events

Bloody Good Period

Branding/Identity   Strategy   Digital/Web Design

SAPInside Track

Communication   Digital   Strategy

Bloody Good Period: Festive Period

Strategy        Digital        Print

The Inzito Partnership 

Branding/Identity   Strategy   Digital   Print

St Albans Beer Festival

Branding/Identity   Strategy   Digital   Print

Troffle Chocolate

Strategy   Film Design & Production   PR & Social   Fundraising

BOCA Empanadas

Strategy   Film Design & Production   PR & Social   Fundraising

Branding   Strategy   Print

Spartan Brewery