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SAP Fresh Faces


SAP is one of the world's biggest tech companies, with an ecosystem that powers businesses, organisations and services all over the world through the SAP Partner Network. We were asked to help raise the profile of SAP Partners among students and graduates, broadening the understanding of what SAP and its Partners do to attract and retain the brightest talent.

Through our research, we discovered that interns and new recruits love working at SAP and its network of Partners, but that awareness of what SAP actually does among fresh graduates is low, with many interns having found out about SAP by chance. What drives these graduates is not only finding rewarding work and a career path that engages and excites them, but the pride of being associated with a recognised brand.


To tackle this, we enlisted a group of SAP interns to team up with recent tech graduates, travelling around the world to uncover the amazing true stories behind how SAP technologies deliver the products you use every day.


In the initial phase of the campaign we worked with SAP stakeholders to identify stories that would help to make SAP more relatable. From chocolate and beer to jeans and sneakers, SAP and its network of Partners are behind many of the things we take for granted, and the Fresh Faces campaign aims to bring those stories to light. We have since rolled out a recruitment campaign by creating a series of films each telling the stories of four tech graduates who are already building careers within the SAP Partner Network.


The Fresh Faces project continues to grow, helping to give context to the breadth of SAP’s work and showcase its market leading tech, and will build stronger ties with universities and individuals looking to switch career paths in 2020.


“Ginnie and the team developed a series of new, high-impact business initiatives that helped us to gain a stand-out share of voice within SAP. Their creativity, outstanding writing skills and highly effective management style resulted in the delivery of a series of successful campaigns.”

Guido Fett

Director, Strategic Projects


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