What if the creatives ran the agency? 

We know that everyone — from established global businesses to start-ups — benefits from working closely with their creative team.

That’s why we start with strategy, getting to know our clients properly and establishing what they want to achieve, then focussing on simple, creative solutions to complex problems;

Then we connect the dots with award-winning campaigns and content.

Over the last few years, we've partnered with a roll call of well-known brands (and aspiring brands with vision) to create everything from entirely
bespoke brand identities to global newsletters, charity fundraisers and recruitment campaigns.

We know this kind of thinking isn’t for everyone, change is never easy. But if you share our belief that business can be done better, we’d love to hear from you

Our approach isn’t alchemy. It’s certainly not magic.

We don’t have a trademarked process. We just keep

three simple elements at the heart of everything we do:

Be nice.

Honesty and bravery mean

nothing if you don’t deserve to be liked. So be nice, show your customers and your employees respect and they will show you respect in return.

Be honest.

There’s no better way to earn

the trust and respect of

customers and employees than to tell the truth, simply,
in a way that everyone can understand.


Be brave.

Trying to repeat past success is a highway to mediocrity. It’s the new and the unexpected that excites people and will help them to remember you for all the right reasons.


carbon neutral.

We’re doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and we’ve partnered with ClimateCare to offset what’s left. Learn more here.


We're a London
Living Wage Employer.

We're committed to saving the planet.

Everyone deserves to be paid fairly, so we pay a wage that meets the actual costs of living, not just the government minimum. Learn more here.

No planet Earth, no us. We donate 1% of our total revenue to environmental organisations through 1% for the Planet. No brainer! Learn more here.

If you're interested in how being nice, being honest and being brave could help you connect with your customers and your employees, get in touch.

Whose Studio is it anyway?

A little bit about us.

Ginnie 1.jpg

Ginnie Le Mestre

Comms Director and Co-Founder

Gin has 20 years — and counting — experience delivering comms and PR for the likes of M&S, Nissan, Häagen-Dazs and Skype. Her strategic focus ensures that each client's key message reaches its audience.

Fay 1.jpg

Fay Morgan

Events Director and Co-Founder

Fay is an event production superstar, delivering end-to-end strategy and production for everything from corporate conferences, roadshows and festivals. Fay loves creating meaningful experiences which bring audiences and clients together to inspire positive change. 

Tom 1 copy.jpg

Tom Cornfoot

Creative Director and Co-Founder

Tom is an art director, designer and illustrator, who oversees the creative output of the studio. In his 15 years' experience he's helped a wide range of clients to articulate their purpose through design thinking and a radically honest approach.

Becca 1.jpg

Becca Liversidge

Junior Creative

Becca is a multidisciplinary creative who hates third person bios and loves irony. Having been hired as a Junior Designer, it quickly became clear that Becca can turn her hand to anything, and she now runs our Pass It On blog as well as wearing numerous creative hats around the studio (not literally).