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Pass It On

Pass It On is our blog dedicated to game-changers, rule-breakers and contemporary-thinkers. Join us as we meet inspiring leaders, creatives and visionaries—and don't forget to Pass It On...

Sean Dagan Wood:
Publisher at Positive News.

We talk to Sean Dagan Wood; Media innovator, publisher at Positive News and co-founder of Constructive Journalism on writing for positive change, the benefits of co-housing communities and consuming ethically.


Read More...                                        20/01/20


Chrissy Levett:
Founder of Creative Conscience.

We talk to Chrissy Levett; illustrator, creative director and founder of Creative Conscious on environmentalism, self-aware design and creating for the greater good. 


Read More...                                        18/11/19

“Their creativity, outstanding writing skills and highly effective management style have resulted in the delivery of a series of successful campaigns.”

Guido Fett
Director, Strategic Projects, SAP

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